Family of bells. The native land is the Mediterranean. In the nature it is extended about 300 kinds. Approaches for cultivation in pendant baskets.

Campanula isophylla is a long-term grassy plant about 15 sm in height. A sheet surface light green, with gear edge. Whisk inflorescences, flowers – light blue or white, five-petal, to 3,5 sm in diameter. A fruit – a box. The temperature should be moderated. In the winter the cool maintenance, nearby 12-14°C.

It’s necessary the bright diffused light, shadeness from the direct sun at a southern window . If it is too dark the distance between leaves increases.

Watering must be plentiful in the spring and in the summer, the soil must be wet, in the winter a dormant period, watering must be very rare.

From March till August feed up by fertilizer for room is decorative-blossoming plants, times in 2-3 weeks.

Campanula loves daily spraying.

Breeds by seeds and shanks in the spring.

Campanula’s medical properties

In national medicine this flower widely apply as antimicrobic, anti-inflammatory, calming and an anaesthetic means. Campanula’s infusions use at suddenly come fever, ache in all body, migraine.

This medical means is good at plentiful menstruations, uterus bleedings in the climacteric period.

Campanula — one of the most ancient means of treatment of epilepsy, poultice of it applied at stings of dogs.

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