The native land is Central America and the South America. In the nature it is extended about 20 kinds.

Callisia elegans – a long-term grassy plant about 30-40 sm in height, stalks creeping, creeping, leaves located in numbers, with a tubular vagina, like egg the forms pointed at the end, about 7 sm. in length. A leave surface is dark green with longitudinal silvery strips along veins, an underside of leave is the purple. Stalks and leaves are covered with fluffing. In the end of summer – an early autumn blossoms white ordinary-looking flowers.

The temperature should be moderated. In the winter minimum 12°C.

It is necessary the bright diffused light, shadeness from the direct sun. If it’s too dark, runaways are extended, and the distance between leaves increases.

Having watered should be plentiful since spring till the autumn – the soil should be damp all the time, having watered should be moderated in the winter – the soil should be slightly wet.

From March till August feed up fertilizer for room is decorative-deciduous plants every two week, in a dose twice there is less than recommended.

Loves daily spraying.
Breeds by stem shanks at any time of the year, take roots in a current of week – two.

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