Calla – widely known grassy perennial plant.

The native land of Calla is Southern Africa. The sort of this flower has been named in honour of F.Zantedeski – Italian botany of XIX century.

Calla divide on two groups. Larger plants reaching in height of 150 sm and having in basic white “flower”, have occurred from Calla aethiopica. Grades concern other group with a color coverlet, events from golden-yellow Callas Eliotta (C. Elliottiana) and pink-red Callas Remani (Ñ rehmanii). «Coloured» Callas don’t exceed in height 70 sm.

«The Flower» of Calla name covering leave (coverlet) in which «the candle» an inflorescence-ear is wrapped up. Natural flowers of Calla are small and ordinary-looking, but extremely fragrant. Their aroma reminds a vanilla smell. The underground part of Calla in the literature or isn’t described in general, or about it is told somehow muffledly.

Whether Callas have tubers, whether rhizomes, whether «tuber-kind rhizomes». There was all very simply. At one plants, those that have occurred from the Calla Ethiopian, the underground part represents a rhizome. At others which ancestors are Calla Eliotta and Calla Remanna, tubers.

Two groups of Calla – “white” and “color”- demand different lines of thought.«White» love moisture, blossom longer, and on a dormant period don’t dump leaves. «Color» are less exacting to humidity of soil and air, love a bright diffused light and completely dump leaves in a dormant period.

For those two hundred years that Callas are growing up in Europe, round the plant there was a set of stereotypes. First, many consider that it is a winter flower. Secondly that will be rather good to feel it or in a greenhouse, or, at special leaving, in apartment.

Thirdly, fourthly, fifthly … so it is a lot of everything that it seems to refuse is easier attempts will make friends with this plant. But actually Calla is generous, sympathetic and unpretentious. It is necessary to hear only its natural rhythm and to try “not to interrupt” a flower.

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