The native land is the South America. The sort name occurs from Latin calceolatus – a shoe – under the form an original flower. In total in the nature is about 200 kinds of this plant.

The Unique kind extended in culture is Calceolaria herbeohybrida. Calceolaria grows to 50 sm in height. The flowers of one-color or various colouring (marble, red or white colouring with dark specks). Reproduction of the Calceolarias in house conditions is very inconveniently, therefore is better to buy already blossoming plant. Undoubtedly

Calceolaria is a very beautiful plant, but, unfortunately, pleases with the beauty only during flowering which lasts enough not long – 6-8 weeks. Not to damage a plant try to deliver it from shop in accurate packing that leaves and flowers were not rumpled and haven’t got under a wind and cold air.

Calceolaria loves a cool premise, 12-15 °C. In too warm premises dumps buds or flowers.

The bright diffused light is preferable, doesn’t transfer direct solar beams. It is good to place on a window sill of east, northern or northwest window.

Watering there should be plentiful, earthen clod shouldn’t dry up.

Calceolaria demands very high humidity of air, for this purpose pots with plants place on a wide tray with a pebble. Downy leaves of Calceolaria don’t love hit on them of water, therefore spray this plant, trying, that the moisture has got only on flowers.

Breeds by seeds. Seeds of Calceolaria sprout at temperature nearby 18 °C. However cultivation of Calceolaria in house conditions is enough difficult, it’s already easy to get blossoming plant.

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