The native land is the damp tropical areas of the South America. This is decorative-deciduous plant about 70-80 sm in height. It is appreciated originality of coloring of leaves which can be and purely green color and with various drawing from strips and stains of the most different shades – from yellow to it is red – brown. At some kinds of Calatheas coloring of leaves reminds a peacock or any fantastic birds. Leaves of Calathea are large, to 30 sm in length, the oval form. Blossoms in the spring and in the summer. Calathea is conclusive beautiful plant, but very whimsical plant.

Calatheas are thermophilic plants, in the winter they contain at temperature not more low 18-20°C, doesn’t take out a draught and sharp temperature drops.

Illumination should be good, an easy penumbra, with protection against direct solar beams. At a light exposure lack coloring of leaves is lost, becoming in regular intervals green color, stains merge on the general background of the leave.

On intensive solar illumination, on the contrary, leaves become brown-red, there are burns. Calathea often considered as a shade-loving plant, however at an illumination lack, the plant will not be dense and large. Suffer in the winter from a light exposure lack more often.

Watering must be plentiful in the spring and in the summer, in the winter moderated. To water Calanthea is necessary only soft and standing for a long time water.

Loves damp air to 90 %. Regular sprayings of leaves are necessary. A pot place in damp peat or an aquarium. Leaves periodically wipe a sponge – especially it is loved by those kinds of Calatheas which possess rigid glossy leaves, grades with thin, velvety leaves are better be not to rubbing off, but they require damp air not less.

Breeds by division of rhizomes at change in the spring. Reproduction by seeds is possible.vvv

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