The native land is the South America. In the nature there are 15 kinds.

Caladium bicolor – acaulescent plant. Has oblong tubers, about 10 sm in length. In culture hybrid forms of leaves different by colouring are extended many. So at one surface of sheet red, at others purely silvery, but at the majority two-coloured, for example silvery with dark green edge or red with silvery or green impregnations.

In the summer the temperature should be usual room, it is desirable not above 25°C as at heats it is difficult to support necessary humidity of air. Since autumn a plant pass in a dormant period which passes at temperature nearby 16-18°C.

The bright diffused light, obligatory shadeness from direct solar beams, at midday o’clock is necessary in the summer. Well grows at east or northwest window.

Since spring till the autumn watering should be plentiful enough, but the soil shouldn’t be too crude. With dying off of leaves having watered reduce and then stop absolutely.

Caladium loves damp air, therefore for the summer the pot needs to be wrapped up into the wide layer of a damp moss.

Spraying should pass only with soft warm water from a small spray.

Breeds by affiliated tubers.

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