Here concern Bryobia cereal (Bryobia graminum), and also Clover tick (Bryobia praetiosa). It is difficult enough to notice Bryobia cereal (graminum) on a plant though it isn’t such small and has the sizes nearby 0,8 – 1 mm. in length. A body of its reddish color, of wide-oval form, with long legs. Bryobia cereal is very mobile and quickly moves on all plant. Postpone large orange eggs along veins on the top party of leaf.

The Clover tick is of smaller sizes – to 0,6 mm, has an oval body of brown or green color. Postpones on leaves spherical dark red eggs. A sign of occurrence of these wreckers are the white or yellowish stains-strokes appearing on a surface of leaf the Thin skin on leaves grows stiff and bursts, leaves are deformed and overwound.

The damages putting by Bryobias are very similar to defeats by Thrips, but unlike the last Bryobia leave eggs on the top party of leaf. In spite of the fact that Bryobias aren’t such frequent wreckers, they can harm to indoor plants, getting into the house from street or amazing the plants exposed for summer in the garden.

Struggle measures: If defenition of plants isn’t strong at first it is possible to wipe carefully the leaves with soap solution from both parties and stalks. At stronger defenition apply spraying with sprays for insects – neoron, phytoferm, fufan).

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