The native land is the South America. In the nature is about 30 kinds.

Brunfelsia pauciflora – an evergreen bush, to 1,5 m in height, in the nature a tree to 3 m in height. Leaves ocheredno-located, the oval form, pointed at the end, to 10 sm in length. Flowers are small, fragrant, gradually changing colouring from white to lilac, are collected in semiumbellate inflorescences. Fruits roundish reddish berries.

The temperature should be moderated in summer, it is desirable not above 20°C. Contain in cool conditions approximately 12-14°C, a minimum 10°C in the winter. Brunfelsia badly transfers sharp differences of temperatures and draughts.

Brunfelsia is photophilous, well grows on bright disseminated to light, in the spring and in the summer necessarily it is required shadeness from the direct midday sun.

In growth the earth should be damp all the time. Rare having watered in the winter. Used soft and warm water for watering.

Brunfelsia requires high humidity of air, therefore a plant regularly spray, avoiding water hit on flowers. But it is better to put a pot on the pallet with a wet pebble. At too dry air indoors can be surprised the red web tick.

Brunfelsia breeds by stalk shanks in March and April, and by seeds.

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