Aster belongs to family plants of asters. It has received the name from the Greek word“aster“ — “star” for the star-shaped form of an inflorescence-basket. A sort very numerous, some honeycombs of kinds.


The most part of kinds grows in the North America, smaller — in the outh America, Africa, Europe and Asia; at us total 26 kinds. In gardens and parks cultivate many kinds of asters. They represent a great interest for professionals-greeners and fans – gardeners the variety on size and coloring of colors, height and the bush form, on flowering terms.

Myth and Legend about Aster

On Hungarians Aster associates withautumn, therefore in Hungary Aster names “Autumn Rose“. During ancient times people believed that if to throw some leaves of Aster in fire, the smoke from this fire is capable to expel snakes. The aster’s flower is a symbol of the women born under astrological sign of the Maiden.

For ancient Greeks the Aster symbolised love. Ancient Greeks knew constellation of the Maiden which associated with the goddess of love Aphrodite. According to myth the aster has arisen from space dust when the Maiden looked from the sky and cried.

In China Asters symbolise beauty, accuracy, elegance, charm and modesty.

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