Artichoke – a long-term grassy plant of sort Cynara, growing in the Mediterranean (where is about 10 kinds of this plant) and on Canary Islands. Two front view of the artichokes used in food, is called Cardoon or the Spanish artichoke Cynara cardunculus, and a sowing campaign (globe artichoke), or prickly artichoke Cynara scolumis.


Cynara scolymus – blossoming in the summer, similar to a thistle, height to 2 metres a plant. It has large basic leaves with simple proveins. The foliage is strongly divided and ordered as the roundish socket. The prickly artichoke also is known as «the French artichoke» and «a green artichoke». The artichoke name occurs from North Italianarticiocco and articoclos.

“Vegetable” which is used in food, is actually not revealed basket of the future flower which in a mature kind has similarity to a thistle, blossoming beautiful violet or dark blue colour. In general it is known more than 140 kinds of this plant, but food value represent only nearby 40. Now the artichoke grows in the Central and Southern Europe, the North Africa, the South America and California.

The majority of artichokes is grown up as vegetable culture in such countries, as France, Spain, Italy. Almost all quantity of the artichokes delivered on the American market, is grown up in California, and the Californian small town Kastrovill applies for world capital of artichokes though this rank with success could challenge Alicante to Spain and Brindisi in Italy.

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