The native land are the tropical and subtropical countries of the world – China, Japan etc. In the nature it is extended about 400 kinds.

In culture distribution has received Ardizia crenata – is eternally green bush or a small tree about metre in height. Fragrant white flowers are collected in thyroid inflorescences. Fruits – numerous berries of red colour about 1 sm in diameter – very long time remain to hang on branches.


The temperature should be moderated in the Summer, not low than 15°C, in the winter Ardizia prefers cool temperature nearby 10-12°C.

It should be very light place. It is grateful accepts solar beams in the morning and on a decline of day. In the summer at midday time Ardizia demands shade.

Watering should be moderated in Summer but in hot days watering must be plentiful. In winter watering must be moderated, depending on temperature indoors.

Ardizia well responds on regular spraying by warm water at any season of the year.

Breeds by top shanks and seeds. Seeds sow in January – March, the soil heating, as optimum temperature of soil for germination 22-23°C is required.

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