This indoor plant is appreciated for the big beautiful leaves and upon magnificent flowering, when the majority of other indoor plants have already flowered.

Flowering large yellow or golden flowers can last almost two months. However it is very difficult culture for room cultivation as demands special leaving and attention. Aphelandra concerns to big-leaves and to fast-growing plants.


Aphelandra is thermophilic plant, therefore it contain at a usual room temperature nearby 22-23°C which doesn’t fall low than 15°C in the winter.

Illumination should be bright, especially in winter. Since spring till the end of autumn make shade from direct solar beams.

Since the spring till the autumn watering must be plentiful, it is slightly less in winter. The soil should be damp all the time, but water shouldn’t stand in a pot for a long time. Use only soft (rain, thawed or boiled) and warm water.

Aphelandra loves very damp air, therefore it spray some times in day or place on the pallet with water.

Breeds by the seeds which sow in February or March. Aphelandra breeds also by the whole leave at temperature 23-24°C and top shanks.

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