The native land of Anthuriums – tropics of America. In the nature there are about 800 kinds of plants.

Only one kind – Anthurium Crystallinum – grow up as is decorative-deciduous plants. Has the truncated underground stalk. Leaves on long stalks of the heart-shaped form, about 30-40 sm in length and 20-30 sm. in width. A leave surface is velvety, from dark green to almost purple, with light veins having silvery or crystal shine.An inflorescence coverlet – about 8-10 sm in length, an ear long, about 2 sm of violet colour.


Plants should be held in a warm room, at temperature 18-20°C, but to isolate from heating system. A winter minimum 15°C. To preserve against draughts!

There must be the bright diffused light, will approach east window, northeast or northwest. The direct sun is admissible only in the morning or in the evening. In the winter probably additional illumination by lamps. At a lack of light leaves small, flowers lose coloring.

Watering should be moderated, but regular, top layer of earth should have time to dry up, but full drying of the earth isn’t supposed. Anthurium doesn’t suffer long rehumidifying, roots easily rot.

It is recommended regularly (in the morning and in the evening) to spray water since Anthuriums require very damp air – to 80 %.

Make multiple copies Anthuriums the top shanks having a small amount of air roots. As make multiple copies division when lateral runaways, and seeds will develop.

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