Family of amaryllis. The native land is Southern Africa. In the nature there is only one kind Amaryllis belladonna – a long-term bulbous plant. The bulb of all about 6 sm in diameter, forms many “children”. Leaves are of belt form of dark green color, length to 40 sm, appear after flowering. Blossoms in the end of summer and in an early autumn.


In vegetation optimum temperature should be 17-23°C. In a bulb dormant period store at 10°C.

It’s necessary the bright diffused light. Shade Amaryllis from a direct sunlight. After flowering is necessary high-grade solar illumination for development and maturing of bulbs.

Watering should be plentiful during flowering – the soil all time should be damp. In a dormant period hold in dryness.

A dormant period: Amaryllis at this time completely loses leaves. Watering stop absolutely. In September-October by the end of flowering appear young leaves.

If the plant is in a premise with dry air it is possible slightly spray buds from above. It is impossible to spray flowers or leaves and also bulbs in a dormant period.

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