The native land is the South America. Besides, Aglaonemas for a long time blossom and form fruits.

Aglaonema commutatum – a bushy plant with upright stalks. Leaves on long prodolgovato-elliptic form, about 20-30 sm in length and 5-10 sm in width. Some grades are of various motley colouring. The inflorescence an ear with a light green coverlet, length 5-6 sm.


Aglaonema modestus – with purely green leaves, most shade less kind.

Aglaonema well develops Only in heat, not low than 18°C, the optimum temperature is 22-23°C . Doesn’t transfer draughts.

In summer it’s necessary to protect the flower from direct solar beams, in the winter it’s necessary to have good illumination.

Watering should be plentiful since spring till the autumn, in winter it should be moderated. For watering use only soft water and the water which stands for a long time of a room temperature or warm water.
Loves very damp air, regular spraying and watering leaves is required. Before spraying be convinced that in a room is warmly and not whence “does not blow”, differently it is possible to do much harm to a plant.

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