Family of agava. The native land from southern America to southern states of the USA. Verybeautiful ornamental plants, but the majority of kinds because of the large sizes will approach for ornaments only beds and flower gardens. In room conditions grow up dwarfish forms or only young plants. In culture of agaves more than 50 kinds.


The most widespread kinds:

Agave americana – Large grey-green or bluish-grey leaves, in favorable conditions often reaching lengths of 1-1,2 m, with sharp prickles. The flowers are yellow, to 7 sm in diameter. It is considered that it blossoms ones in 100 years. In fact Agava blossoms ones in life when it’s 15 years old.

In Winter Agava perfectly feel at temperature which we could transfer only in winter coats, 4-10 °C. In the rest of the time of year temperature is usual.

Illumination should be bright, shadeness isn’t necessary. Is better the window sill of a southern window will approach. In the summer it is desirable to hold Agaves on the sun in the open air. In winter when there is not enough light, Agaves are extended and lose the appeal if light suffices them. Therefore the most light place is especially necessary for Agava in winter.

In summer the flower water moderately, but regularly. In general watering depends on maintenance temperature in the winter – if the plant contains in cool conditions – to 10 °C having watered rare – once a week that the soil completely did not dry up. If there is no possibility to hold an agava in the winter in cool conditions, and it contains at temperature more close room and above having watered more frequent – 2-3 times a week. So, the soil should dry up in the winter, but not dry up completely.

Agava breeds by seeds and shanks.

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